Adult Studies

Education is a life long journey and we strive to offer captivating, inspiring, and challenging studies for all ages.


UMC West Book Club: In the New Year, Pastor Heather will be leading an evening of ‘God talk’ as part of the UMC West outreach. All are welcome. We will  gather on Tuesday evenings from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Mama Mia’s. For more information, contact Pastor Heather at


Ongoing Adult Education

Sunday Morning Book Study Every Sunday at 10:45am we meet in the church lounge to explore books on social and religious topics. This class leads to deepening faith, growing social awareness, and strengthening relationships. The group is led in discussion by Ken Bollerud.  Currently, the group is studying the Stephen Prothero book, “God Is Not One”.

Joy in the Morning meets every Thursday morning at 7:30 in our kitchenette (except on the second Thursday when we join the interfaith prayer meeting at Longfellows Restaurants at 7:15). We take these mornings to spend devotional and supportive time together. At each gather we reflect upon a weekly pondering that urges us to a deeper relationship with God, creation, life, and ourselves.

Yoga for the “Unenlightened”– Every Tuesday, 6.00pm, in the Kindermusik Room a yoga class for all levels, including beginners and amateurs is offered. This class focuses on relaxation and reflection in order to help us deepen our spirituality and strengthen our bodies. The class is Taught by certified yoga instructor Betsy Cannon, and a suggested donation of $10 per class is encouraged. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing and bring a mat or a towel.