CrossFit For The Soul: Dead Ends

Please read Ezekiel 7: 1-4 and John 11: 1-45 and use these notes to prepare for Sunday morning worship.

Sermon Focus: CrossFit For the Soul: Dead Ends

Key Verse: “An end! The end has come to the four corners of the earth! Even now the end is upon you!” (Ezekiel 7: 2b & 3a)

  • Describe a time when you ran into a dead end, spiritually, emotionally, or physically?
  • When you hit a dead end what do you do to find hope and overcome?

Key Verse:  Having said this, Jesus shouted with a loud voice, ‘Lazarus, come out!’ The dead man came out, his feet bound and his hands tied, and his face covered with a cloth. Jesus said to them, ‘Untie him and let him go.’” (John 11: 43 & 44)

  • In what ways is Jesus beckoning to you to “come out and live?”
  • What things are binding in your life that Jesus is commanding you to let go of, so that you might be free?
  • In what ways does your faith in Christ assure you that while death is an end to this life it is not the final destination of our lives?

Connection for Today:

“A dead end can never be a one way street, you can always turn around and take another road”- Bo Bennett. Often in life we find ourselves at dead ends, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. Yet God has the power to use dead ends to bring about new direction and new life. God may be calling you to take another road; will you follow?