We define “mission” as serving wherever we are needed, however we are needed in order to bring the world closer to God.

SSUMC lives out this definition in many ways. We send two mission teams out for service each year. Every August our mission team goes to Salem Maine to serve at the economic mission. There they repair homes, purchase and assemble back-t0-school kits for children, and help however they are needed. Our second mission team sets out to different locations each July, they have been to West Virginia and New Mexico. This group helps in a variety of ways from home repair, to helping with after school programing, and so much more.

We are also proud to sponsor missionaries across the world. We partner with the General Board of global Ministries and UMCOR to support mission work in Zimbabwe and the South Sudan.

Locally we help to support the Franklin Community Center’s food pantry and project lift. We also offer rent and utilities assistance to community members in need.

In short, our “mission” is to help whoever is in need, wherever there is need in whatever way we can, our only requirement to serve is for there to be a need!