The Redemption of Scrooge: The Remembrance of Christmas Past

Please read Isaiah 9:2,6 & Luke 2:8-14 to prepare for Sunday morning worship.

Sermon Focus: “The Remembrance of Christmas Past: Hope from Heartbreak”

Reflection Questions:

  • The Prophet Isaiah speaks of people who have walked in a land of deep darkness.  Are there ways that you feel this deep darkness in our world today?
  • In the Gospel of Luke, the shepherds encounter the angels who invite them to not be afraid but to embrace the hope that has entered the world.  How can you take time this week to pray for this peace and hope to enter your heart?

Connection for Today:

As Scrooge journeys with the ghost of Christmas past his heart begins to soften and we see compassion begin to enter in.  He actually sheds a tear over the disappointment of his own past.  Looking into our past and shining light on it is not easy and that journey requires courage and hope.  Take a moment to call to memory a beautiful Christmas memory from your past.  This can it be an inspiration for you, like Scrooge, to bring hope to those who experience heartbreak or find that they are engulfed in a land of deep darkness.